The HPC group holds regular User Group Meetings with updates, presentations on special topics and Q&A.

September 2020 User Group


  • DigITs Updates:

    • The new team - Advanced Computing and Technology Group

    • Cloud Center of Excellence - CCoE

  • HPC Infrastructure Updates 

  • Systems retirement and Data Management 

  • Performance tuning and troubleshooting

Slides: hpc-ug-20200909.pdf

Video: hpc-ug-20200909.mp4

Chat Q&A: hpc-ug-20200909.txt

April 2020 User Group


  • Cluster status

  • Remote Access

  • Unix permissions and ACLS

  • Cluster updates and new GPU scatter queue

 Slides from Apr 2020 UG: HPC UG 2020-04-2.pptx


November 2019 User Group


  • General HPC infrastructure updates.

  • Lilac and Juno cluster utilization.

  • New LSF GPU features.

  • Storage options.

  • /scratch & /fscratch cleanup policy.

  • Luna cluster retirement.

  • Jupyter Notebook

Slides from Nov 2019 UG: UG_10_2019.cp1.pptx 


March 2019 Juno User Group


  • The Juno cluster is now in production. 

  • New compute nodes. 

  • Juno policies and SLAs. 

  • How to run jobs in SLA. Non-SLA jobs. 

  • Why won’t my job run? 

  • How to get help on Juno? 

  • Documentation wiki

Slides from March 21 2019 User Group Juno_UG_032019_final.pdf

October 2018 Lilac User Group


  • GPFS 5.0.1 storage available on Lilac 

  • New GPFS 5.0.1 storage, performance benchmarks 

  • July network upgrade 

  • LSF update 

  • How to execute jobs on Lilac (LSF) 

  • Job monitoring, LSF, and Grafana 

  • Documentation wiki 

  • How to get help on Lilac

Slides from Oct 2018 UG:Lilac_UG_102018.pdf

September 2018 Juno User Group


  • The Juno cluster (successor to the Luna cluster) 

  • Why is Juno replacing Luna? 

  • Overview of LSF configuration changes, particularly differences from Luna 

  • How to execute jobs on Juno (LSF) 

  • Software available on Juno 

  • How to get help on Luna/Juno? 

  • July network upgrade

Slides from Sep 27 2018 User Group meeting (updated Nov 28)  Juno_UG_092018_final.pdf


September 2017 User Group


  • HPC website and new wiki pages and documentation

  • LILAC LSF software upgrade overview

  • LILAC LSF software upgrade plan

  • LILAC LSF new queues

  • LUNA upgrade 2017 Q4

Slides from Sep 2017 UG: UG_09202017_final .pptx


June 2017 Lilac User Group


  • LILAC computational resources

  • LILAC LSF queues

  • LSF CPU job submission

  • LSF CPU/GPU job submission

  • LSF job monitoring

  • Useful LSF commands

Slides from June 22 2017 UG: LSF_UG_1.potx