The job has been submitted to the ls03 host. ls03 doesn't have 30 free slots.

bjobs -p3 -l 1135202

Job <1135202>, User <sveta>, Project <default>, Application <default>, Service

                     Class <lgSC>, Status <PEND>, Queue <cpuqueue>, Job Priorit

                     y <12>, Command <sleep 200000>, Share group charged </svet

                     a>, Esub <memlimit>

Fri May 14 15:32:55: Submitted from host <lilac-ln02>, CWD <$HOME>, 30 Task(s),

                      Specified Hosts <ls03>;

Fri May 14 15:32:55: Reserved <30> job slots on host(s) <30*ls03> for <30> tasks;

Fri May 21 05:11:04: Job will start no sooner than indicated time stamp;


Candidate host pending reasons (1 of 120 hosts):

   Affinity resource requirement cannot be met because there are not enough processor units to satisfy the job affinity request: ls03;

Non-candidate host pending reasons (119 of 120 hosts):

   Not specified in job submission: lx10, lx11, lx12, lx13, lx14, boson, lt01,

                     lt02, lt03, lt04, lt05, lt06, lt07, lt08, lt09, ld01, ld02

                     , ld03, ld04, ld05, ld07, lg01, lg02, lg03, lg05, lg06, lt

                     10, lt11, lt12, lt13, lt14, lt15, lt17, lt18, lt19, lp01,

                     lp03, lp05, lp06, lp07, ls01, lp35, ls05, ls06, ls07, lv01

                     , ls08, ls09, lt20, ly01, lt21, ly02, lt22, ly04, ly05, ly

                     06, ly07, ly08, ly09, lp10, lp11, lp12, lp14, li01, lp16,

                     lp17, lp18, ls11, ls12, lila-sched01, ls13, lila-sched02,

                     ls14, ls15, ls16, ls17, ls18, lp20, lu01, lu02, lu03, lp23

                     , lu04, lp24, lu05, lp25, lu06, lu07, lp27, lx01, lu08, lu

                     09, lx03, lx04, lx05, lx07, lx08, lx09, lu10, lp30, lp31,

                     lp33, lp34;

   Load information unavailable: lw01, lw02, ld06, lt16, lp04, lp09, ly03, ls10

                     , lp19, lp26, lx06, lp32;

   Closed by LSF administrator: lg04, ls02, ls04, lx02;


6000.0 min


           r15s   r1m  r15m   ut      pg    io   ls    it    tmp    swp    mem

loadSched   -     -     -     -       -     -    -     -     -      -      - 

loadStop    -     -     -     -       -     -    -     -     -      -      - 


Combined: select[(healthy=1) && (type == any)] order[!-slots:-maxslots] rusage

                     [mem=2.00] span[hosts=1] same[model] affinity[thread(1)*1]

Effective: -